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Thrilled to announce our first feature film, Philophobia: or the Fear of Falling in Love, was acquired by Gravitas Ventures!


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Tunnel Light Pictures

Tunnel Light Pictures

Tunnel Light Pictures is a Los Angeles based production company developing, producing and distributing content ranging from commercials to music videos to feature length films.

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"Philophobia: or the Fear of Falling in Love" Feature Film

Mildly successful podcaster, Damien Booster, is digging his bachelor lifestyle until a frequent hookup confesses her love for him while delivering an ultimatum. If he shows up for brunch to meet her mother, she’ll know he is serious. If not, things are over between them. Now terrified and confused, Damien has to fight the urge to run from the thing that scares him most. Falling in love.

Reel Big Fish Music Video- “You Can’t Have All of Me”

Directors: Aaron Burt and Tyler Cole
Producers: Tina Carbone, Thomas Hennessy, Tyler Cole and Aaron Burt
Director of Photography: Thomas Hennessy
Editor: Tyler Cole

Crowdfunding Pitch Video “Money?”

Directed by: Tyler Cole
Written by: Aaron Burt
Produced by: Tina Carbone, Tyler Cole and Aaron Burt
Associate Producer: Guy Iorio
Cinematography by: Tom Meredith
Gaffer: Paul Rodriguez
Sound- Lellan Thomas
Post Sound Design- Jeff Candelas
Composer- E.K. Wimmer

Sheila Vossough
Aaron Burt


That's It. Fruit Bar: BestFitForward

Client: That's it. Nutrition LLC
Production Company: Tunnel Light Pictures
Director: Tyler Cole
Producers: Aaron Burt, Tyler Cole, Ryan Osborn
Composer: E.K. Wimmer

$500 Short Film Challenge: The Uber of Killing

We made this 10 minute short film with a budget of $500 to test our filmmaking skills under the restriction of having no budget. 


Philophobia: Short Film

Philophobia is a comedic horror film revolving around an egocentric man who sabotages every relationship out of a fear of commitment, only to find out how terrifying true love can be. 

A film by Tunnel Light Pictures

Directed By: Tyler Cole
Written By: Aaron Burt
Produced By: Rob Kowsaluk, Tyler Cole, Aaron Burt
Cinematography by: Hisonni Johnson, John Nodorft
Edited By: Jarrod Burt
Music Composed By: E.K. Wimmer